Terms & Conditions

“We”, “our”, “us” and “Boomer Match to Business” refers to Boomer Match to Business, a division of The Capability Corps Inc, its directors, shareholders, employees, contractors and agents.

“The business” and, within the context of discussing terms that affect the business, “You” or “Your” refers to the company for which you are accepting this agreement, and affiliates of that company.

“Boomer expert” and, within the context of discussing terms that affect the boomer expert, “You” or “Your” refers to an independent third party contractor/consultant which we refer to the business for engagement as part of our service(s). In some cases, a director, consultant or employee of Boomer Match to Business itself may be referred to the business as a boomer expert. In those cases, terms and conditions apply as if the director, consultant or employee of Boomer Match to Business were an independent third-party contractor.

You, the business, are engaging us as independent business contractors to provide you with selected recruitment services as outlined in the “Services Options” section of the Boomer Match to Business website, bm2b.ca, which becomes part of these terms and conditions. These services may or may not include provision of a coach or mentor to guide your employee(s) and transfer to them a specific set of skills, as outlined in the above agreement.  The boomer expert will not solicit additional assignments from the client without express consent of BM2B.  The boomer expert will sign a non solicitation agreement with BM2B at the start of each assignment agreeing not to solicit additional work or assignments from the client for the period of one year after conclusion of the assignment. 

These terms and conditions will apply to this project and any additional work performed by us.

Payment for services of the selected boomer expert is the business’ responsibility. We are not involved in making offers of employment, determining or establishing compensation for the work being offered by you to the boomer expert, for any benefits provided by you to the boomer expert, or for any additional perquisites you may deem are necessary as part of the employment offer to secure the selected boomer expert for the work required.

We will keep candidacy information (resumé, etc.) of potential boomer experts on file for one year (12 months) in the event a suitable project becomes available. After that time it will be destroyed and the candidate must re-submit his or her candidacy information.

These terms and conditions may be replaced or supplemented by additional terms drawn up between Boomer Match to Business and the business, as necessary.

Prices and Fees

Prices charged to the business are set according to your selection of the various service options on our web site and listed on our web site, bm2b.ca.  Coaching and/or mentoring work will be charged as either a daily or weekly rate, dependent upon terms of the contract.

Prices and fees are subject to change without notice.


All services must be paid according to the following payment schedule, dependent upon the services selected.

Standard Service Plan:  Payment must be made in full when the boomer expert has accepted the assignment with the business client.

Custom Service Plan:  Hourly rate is applied weekly, invoicing occurs weekly and payment terms are 15 days from invoice date.


Boomer Match to Business makes every effort to satisfy client needs by referring only qualified Boomer experts and making referrals in a timely manner. However, we cannot accept liability for any loss, expense, costs, damages or delay resulting from

· our inability to introduce to you a boomer expert for all or part of the project requirements

· delays in making a suitable referral for the project

· the actions, negligence, lack of skill or omissions of the boomer expert referred to you or engaged by you as a result of our referral services.


Likewise, Boomer Match to Business is not liable for claims, expenses, damages or non-payment disputes between the boomer expert  and the business. This includes, but is not limited to failure by the business to meet the terms of your contract of engagement, bankruptcy or insolvency of the business, delays or non-payment of contracted compensation, injury, illness or death while engaged by the business or as a direct result of engagement by the business.

We will only make referrals when, in our opinion and at our sole discretion, a suitable match between a business need and a qualified boomer expert can be made. Therefore, submitting candidacy information, such as a resumé, curriculum vitae or description of skills and availability does not guarantee you a referral or placement as a boomer expert. Likewise, submitting a project assessment or any statement of need does not guarantee a business will receive referral(s) for qualified boomer expert candidates to fulfill that need.