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We can deliver it...and you don't have to pay for full time expertise.  Our experts are ready to 'hit the ground running' - working part time or on short term assignments. And they will work to build the skills within your business.

What is your business challenge?

  • To increase revenue?
  • To raise capital for expansion?

  • To find new markets to grow your business?

  • To launch, or upgrade, your products and services?

  • To find the best employees?

No matter what your challenge or opportunity, we have the right business expert - the perfect match - to help you grow your business and generate more revenue. 

Our experts are passionate about helping others succeed.   

Our experts can step in and work with you to address your challenge - leave expertise behind or be a mentor or coach for you or your staff.  They are a short term or part time solution.


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Marketing/Advertising Expert Needed

If you are a semi-retired or retired Marketing/Advertising expert, our client, a small family business, needs your part-time help.  Contact us at match@bm2b.ca to discuss.