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Our Package of Expertise and Services

We can deliver it...and you don't have to pay for full time expertise.  Our experts are ready to 'hit the ground running' - working part time or on short term assignments. And they will work to build the skills within your business.

What is your business challenge?

  • To increase revenue?
  • To raise capital for expansion?

  • To find new markets to grow your business?

  • To launch, or upgrade, your products and services?

  • To find the best employees?

No matter what your challenge or opportunity, we have the right business expert - the perfect match - to help you grow your business and generate more revenue. 

Our experts are passionate about helping others succeed.   

Our experts can step in and work with you to address your challenge - leave expertise behind or be a mentor or coach for you or your staff.  They are a short term or part time solution.


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Are you...

Getting Ready 2 Reinvent?

A safe and comfortable setting for you to work with others on planning the next stage of your life.  

Our workshop includes:

  • ideas to help you plan for the next stage of your life
  • an opportunity to work with others in a participant-focused environment sharing ideas, issues, dreams for the future
  • practical tools such as:
    • lifestyle planning guide
    • financial inventory checklist
    • expense and budget spreadsheet

The workshop is limited to 12 participants.  This setting guarantees everyone gets what they need from the workshop. The workshop is about YOU and how best to ready yourself for your next challenge, opportunity, your next great place.

And we can conduct this workshop at your site for your team.

To find out more about the workshop and the workshop leaders or to talk with us about a workshop for you and your team, click on the image.

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Comments from our latest workshop:

Q: What aspects of the workshop did you find most valuable?

A:  The need to have a plan before [retirement], consider more than just survival, dream a bit.
A. The need to revisit or adjust the plan.  It's okay to keep working after 65.  Helps me to focus and pay attention to all options not just what suits me now and my situation now, but for future planning.