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Generate More Profit in 2013

by Donna Stevenson

How To Improve Next Year's Profits This Year

by Herb Saunders

How business planning has changed over the years and how to generate more sales with better business planning.

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Budgeting - Fuels Your Business Plans

by Ginette Herald

There are many reasons to budget, but chief among them is that it "monetizes the actions" set out in the Business Plan.

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Executive Coaching and the War for Talent

by Andy Kinmonth

Coaching for business leaders has been around in different forms for decades. Its' use has grown rapidly in popularity recently, in part, because it's a powerful HR tool for attraction and retention of key leaders.

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Recruiting in the Web 2.0 World

by Faye Wales

We have all heard the phrase used when selling real estate – it’s all about ‘location, location, location’. In recruitment today, as a result of increased role of social media, I would suggest the key phrase should be ‘timing, timing, timing’.

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The Employee Value Proposition

by Bill Fields

The aging of the Baby Boom generation, those born between 1947 and 1966, and their attendant retirements is greater than the number of new entrants and immigrants combined. Beginning in 2013, the labour force starts declining, with projected shortfalls in Ontario, alone, of 360,000 employees by 2025 and more than 560,000 employees by 2030. (Conference Board of Canada) This means that the competition for employees will become extremely intense.

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Community Volunteering

by Nick Marusich

Volunteering is for all ages and gender, young and mature generations who care for their community...get involved. It makes you feel good all over.

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Volunteer Expertise to Help Small Business

by Brenda Turino

Not everyone can afford to hire the talent they need and want.

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Working in the Not-for-Profit World

by Michael Ford

There are so many areas where help is needed and welcomed. It doesn’t have to be full time.

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The Changing Role of Sales

by Carl Cassidy

At first blush “converting sales to profits” seems like a simple equation. Conventional wisdom has it that Sales drive revenue, which in turn generates profit; straight forward and obvious. But is it? Just how cost efficient and profitable is your sales force? How many of us have taken the time or have the inclination to determine the actual cost of a sales call, or better yet the real cost of a sale? Adjusting for inflation, research consistently shows most business to business sales calls cost $250 to $350 per visit, while a pharma sales call can cost as much as $1800. Obviously, costs vary depending on a number of factors including the industry, base salaries and the overall compensation package, support, training, advertising and promotion. But this only begs the question, how important are traditional sales calls in a world of social media, interactive web sites and on line selling that can, supposedly, greatly reduce actual selling costs? Today the Internet provides a level playing field where a small to mid-size business can compete with businesses ten times their size or greater. In other words the larger question central to the whole notion of selling in general, is “How is it changing and where is it going?"

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