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Donna, a senior strategist and organization development expert, is the creator of Boomer Match to Business and President of The Capability Corps Inc.  Donna is an expert in intergenerational workplaces, developing and designing creative solutions for organizations and teams struggling to leverage the differences and similarities of the four generations in the workplace, today.  With this expertise, she works with leaders in these organizations to predict future trends and how best to prepare their organization for the 2020 workplace.

Donna has held senior leadership roles – operations, business transformation, human resources, and communications - in several Canadian organizations. She has also worked as an external consultant helping senior teams to achieve their strategic plans and financial goals.  Her collaborative leadership style works well in any environment. This experience positions her to excel at working with business owners, leaders and managers to change behaviours, processes and structures critical to improving business performance.

Donna is an expert training designer and facilitator in the areas of leadership, customer service, and business transformation.  She has published a number of articles, and is an accomplished speaker, on the boomer demographic and its effect on today’s and tomorrow’s workplace, particularly ways in which boomers can reinvent themselves for the next stage of their lives.  


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Donna is an expert in leading and managing the intergenerational workplace.


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Faye Wales is the owner of People Time, a human resources, training and communications consulting firm. She provides human resources expertise to small-medium sized companies not requiring a full-time HR presence in-house.  In addition, she designs, develops and facilitates training programs in the areas of management/leadership development, team building, strategic/ business planning, effective communications, customer service and train the trainer.  Faye is certified in Accelerated Learning training methods.

Faye is an accomplished speaker who has presented to various professional associations throughout her consulting career on topics ranging from managing employee performance to reward and recognition to developing future leaders.  She is co-creator of 'Getting Ready to Retire' - a program designed to help employees over the age of 50 to make lifestyle changes and plan for their retirement.

Donna and Faye are co-designers and facilitators for 'Getting Ready to Reinvent' - a program for all those seeking second stage lifestyle careers.





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