Our Process - Finding the Right Match For Your Business

Ensuring the perfect match for both the Boomer and the Business is our goal for each and every assignment. It is what makes us unique and is essential to our continuing success.

Business Pre-Assignment Process

Under our Service Plans, a BM2B Expert will conduct a thorough diagnostic interview with you to identify performance expectations, timeline and work location.  This assignment clarification will allow us to review our boomer candidate list and select those who match your requirements. When we receive your business assessment form for Standard or Custom service, a BM2B Expert will contact you to complete the assignment clarification process.

Business Assignment Audit

The match process does not end when the assignment is over.

Under our Service Plans, a BM2B Expert will administer our unique Business Assignment Audit at the end of every assignment. This is your chance to evaluate your experience, offer feedback and build a more in-depth profile of your experience and skill needs. This ensures future Boomer to Business assignments are a perfect match.

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Marketing Expert Required

We are seeking a Marketing Expert as coach and guide for family-owned entrepreneurial manufacturer.  Requirement is for a few hours per week, providing and transferring marketing expertise, to clients for both their legacy and new product lines.  Term of contract to be negotiated based on need.

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Currently we have Boomers with expertise in:

  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service/Satisfaction
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Training and Development
  • Project Management
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Inventory and Material Management
  • Sales, Sales Training and Sales Management

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