Getting Ready to Reinvent

Are you thinking about the next stage of your life? Are you reflecting on all you have accomplished and now want to set yourself up for another productive stage? Are you thinking about retirement, semi-retirement? Are you interested in speaking with other business leaders in similar situations? Then you need this seminar.

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What's All the Fuss About Generation Y?

Why do the generations in the workforce continue to clash?

How much do you have to pay for high performance?

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Getting Ready to Reinvent - Not Retire

Retirement or moving on from employment or business ownership is a career change – it is a career from, and following, current work. It’s about reinventing life – leaving one challenge behind and taking on another – whether business or leisure or a combination. Reinventing is about a time when work and leisure aspects of life merge into one. Boomers will want to reinvent themselves for the next stage of their life by staying engaged in the world of work and being recognized as valuable contributors to their communities.

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Whatever happened to Generation X?

Members of Generation X are the ones born between 1967 and 1980 - between the two very large and dominant generations - Baby Boomers and Generation Y. What this means is that they are not only the 'lost generation' or the boom echo (by being the ones born after the Boomers) but because their membership is so small, they have not elicited much interest by marketers. But they are now of the age and socioeconomic status where they are making major purchases such as homes and cars. How can marketers attract this demographic cohort to its' products and services?

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Demographic Clues

Networking is critical to build our business and professional relationships. Business owners and managers use networking to grow their potential client list and cement current client relationships. Those seeking employment use networking to find opportunities and build referral lists. No matter what your reason, it should be a well-thought out and planned activity, and it might help you to better target your efforts if you appreciate the expectations and interests of each of the four generations resident in today’s workplace. The differences in how these four generations perceive the world offer demographic clues as to how to best connect with each of them.

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Succession Planning Can Be Painless

As boomers head into the next stage of their lives and plan for their retirement, they should be thinking about who will take over their business but, more importantly, how to transfer their business knowledge and expertise to these successors.

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