Why Wednesdays are Terrifying to Me

by Donna Stevenson

Remember when Wednesday was called 'hump day' meaning you were on the downside of the work week hill headed to the weekend? And you loved Wednesdays?

Formerly, as a corporate senior manager, I, along with my peers and, no doubt the people who reported to me, celebrated Wednesdays even more than Fridays.  Why?  Because reaching Wednesday in the work week meant you were now, once again, closer to the weekend where your social life replaced your work life and the world was considered to be a much better place.

The difference between Wednesday and Friday was the tone, the feeling, the expectation that sooner rather than later you were going to be doing what you wanted to do, in a place where you had control, where you made the best possible decisions and spent your time on the most productive and valuable activities.  After all, your brilliance and astute knowledge and understanding of how best to run the company was undervalued during the workweek.  But on the weekend, with your family and friends, your assessment of the situation was always revered - they could not understand why your brilliance was not self-evident to your boss' boss and why you were not the one in your boss' job.

So now as I move into the second phase of my life, having exited the corporate world and taken on the challenges and opportunities of the entrepreneurial world, my view of Wednesday or 'humpday' has changed.  The aura is different, the tone no longer one of euphoria that the week is progressing nicely toward the weekend, but rather the terrifying feeling that my work will not have progressed, both in terms of productivity and profitability, as quickly as the week has.

And my view of weekends has also changed, considerably.

Weekends, in the past, were viewed as celebratory days - days that held promise of relaxing, joyful times where spending Saturday morning leisurely reading the newspaper over several cups of coffee - sometimes at home, sometimes at the coffee shop was valued as productive time.  Because I was removed from the stress of the workplace, my decision about whether to spend this leisurely time at home or at the coffee shop was the major decision of the day and was not likely to affect anyone else to a great degree.

Now weekends signify that another week has passed and I now have two whole days when I am not able to connect with, or possibly be contacted by, potential revenue sources.  Even with social media and email networking, our world of work continues to be a Monday to Friday one and a world of work where summers are generally dismal times to develop new business or sell additional services to current clients. 

And weekends, to the entrepreneur, are two more days when they continue to think about their business, how to grow it, how to generate more sales, how to improve productivity of their employees and equipment and locations.  Now I spend all my 'free time' ruminating and reflecting - was this the right decision? 

So the former Wednesday of joy has turned into the Wednesday of terror but when all is said and done, at this point in my life, I would rather face down the threat than settle for the status quo.

Welcome to another Wednesday!



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