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The Five Inventions about Reinvention, Second Act or Encore Careers

Invention #1:     60 is the new 40 or is it 50 is the new 30?

Not too long ago, 50 was the new 30, now it’s become 60 is the new 40.  And who is making this proclamation?  Why the Boomers, of course.

As we are all aware, the baby boomer generation is still the largest cohort in our society and could remain so for another 20 to 30 more years.  (I am making an assumption boomer life spans will average out at 80 to 90 years but, hey, you never know, they could be the dominant cohort for another 40 years!)

You are healthy and fit so you can still handle a significant workload.

Invention #2:    Your expertise is in demand

Given the predominance of the boomers in the workforce – currently at estimated 30%, and given that an estimated 40% of senior positions are held by boomers, it is not surprising their expertise will still be in demand. 

Generations X and Y are highly educated.  Boomers were the first highly educated generation and through the effect of sheer numbers, they were able to dominate the workforce and how the workforce operated.  But with succeeding generations, the nature of the workforce and the workplace is changing, and with the access to information today, boomer expertise may not be as critical as we think.   Organizations may be able to access this expertise through off site or on line coaching and mentoring without the need to bring in consultants to perform the work.  You will need to differentiate yourself and sell your expertise to potential clients/employers.  This may be more difficult than you think.  You will need a plan.

Become a consultant, organizations need your expertise.

Invention #3:     All it takes is passion

For sure, passion for reinvention is critical.  If you are not passionate about what you want to do in your second act or encore career, or at least passionate about reinventing your role, you will not be motivated to make the change.  Passion is not just about being excited about a prospect, a new idea, a new way of working or a new way to generate income, it’s about wanting to contribute, to make a difference – to others as well as yourself.

Now is the time to follow your passion.  Get out there and try new things.

Invention #4:     Stay in the game and make your mark

Why not stay in your current role?  Think about how you continue to add value to your employer – expertise, knowledge of the organization culture and history, connections you have with suppliers, customers.  Take this knowledge, create a new ‘reinvention’ resume and share it with your boss.

It’s much less stressful to continue doing what you have been doing and it benefits both you and your employer.

Invention #5:     Don’t retire - reinvent, reignite, rewire

Consider all your options.  No longer is this an either-or situation.  If you want to retire and keep working part time, or on a casual basis, then do it.  If you want to retire and quit working altogether, then do that. 

If you want to retire from one career and start another, then do that.

All these options are open to you and it is up to you to decide and take advantage of the opportunities to reinvent, reignite, or rewire your lifestyle.

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Comment by Brian Weatherdon | 2015-01-30

This would be an excellent piece, Donna, for people to discuss together. Whether with spouse, friend, partner, colleague -- wouldn't this be a great piece to put on the table and flesh out some of these ideas personally!
Best to you!

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