Resolve to Reinvent in 5 Steps

Steps 4 and 5: Reinvent and Revisit

As a reminder, reinvention means to invent again, to remake or make over in a different form. 

For you, it could be a career change, a second or encore career, or even a complete change in your work-life style. Reinvention allows you to pursue a dream.  But, whatever your dream, without a plan, it most likely will not come true.

Step 4: When Am I Going to Reinvent?

Ideally, you want to reinvent when you have a financial plan in place and a lifestyle plan which will satisfy your needs, skills, and interests (as identified in your self-assessment in Step 1).

List the factors that are pulling you towards reinvention – those things which excite you about the next stage of your life.

Then list the factors that are pushing you toward reinvention – those things you are happy are gone (from your current role/company requirements).

Now list your options.  When can you reinvent?  Provide a reason for each option.

Option Date #1: __________________________because…

Option Date #2l: __________________________because…

Option Date #3: __________________________because

Selecting options gives you more flexibility in case a situation arises (family, financial, etc.) that will affect your date for reinvention.

Step 5:  Revisit Your Plans

Revisit this lifestyle planning exercise (Reinvention in 5 Steps) on a regular basis.  Needs, interests, situations change, and you might be required to adjust.  Consider revisiting at the end of the 1st year then 5 years after that. 


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