New Year Resolution

Resolve to Reinvent in 5 Steps

With the start of a new year, most of us will step back and reflect. We'll reflect on where we have been, what we have accomplished, and start to think about where we want to go.

We will create resolutions for weight loss, to be more physically fit by exercising more, to spend more time with our families and friends through better work-life balance. Whatever resolution we create, we create them for purposes of bettering some area in our lives. Whatever you want to change or improve, a resolution is a form of reinvention.

What is reinvention?

Reinvention means to invent again, to remake or make over in a different form.

For you, it could be a career change, a second or encore career, or even a complete change in your work-life style. Reinvention allows you to pursue a dream. But, whatever your dream, without a plan, it most likely will not come true.

Resolve to reinvent with a reinvention plan.

Here is a 5-step plan to implementing a Reinvention Resolution:

1. Reflect:

Conduct a self-assessment by stepping back and reflecting on how you currently spend your time. Evaluate your life's experiences, identifying your likes, dislikes, strengths and areas for development. 

2. The 4 big questions:

Ask yourself the following questions and make decisions on each.

  • Will I continue to work?
  • Will I stay or move?
  • What will I do with my increased leisure time?
  • Who will my decisions affect?

3. Options:

This step is about identification of needs, including financial. Consider those needs you have identified for the next phase of your life and identify how they can be satisfied with the overall objective to make your reinvention a positive experience. Additionally, consider the skills you have which you wish to continue to utilize and build on during this next phase of your life. Then find activities to satisfy those needs and match your skill set. Often the same need can be met by a different activity.

4. Goals:

Build both short-term (1 to 5 years) and long-term (6 to 10 years) plans.  And for each plan, you have to say 'because', i.e., what need is this plan satisfying?

5. Timing:

In making the decision on WHEN to move to the next stage of your life, it is best if you reinvent when the 'pull factors' are greater than the 'push factors. Then you are looking forward to the next stage of your life as opposed to being pushed into reinvention - due to factors beyond your control. If/when your plans do not satisfy your needs, skills, interests, and likes, and/or your circumstances change, you may have to change course.  Repeat this process of self-assessment and assessing your options as often as required.

Resolving to reinvent begins with self-reflection, taking a detailed look into your life. 

This is the first in a series of articles on the 5 steps to Reinvention. 



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