New Year Resolution Step 2

Resolve to Reinvent - 4 Big Questions

Step 2: The Four Big Questions

Question 1:  Will I continue and/or change my work?

You need to decide if continuing to work is a part of your reinvention plan.  To do this, evaluate the following aspects of your work and determine if work meets your needs.  Here is a list for you to review to determine if any of them apply to you.

  • Money, learning, identity, power, friendships, stimulation, satisfaction, networking, challenge, routine, purpose, stress.

Are there any others to consider?  If after the above review, you determine you want to continue working, then review each of these options.

  • Self-employment, contract, part-time, consulting, casual, volunteer.

Then answer each of these questions about work.

1.    Do you want to leave your current company/position completely?

2.    Do you want to stop work cold turkey or would you prefer a phased-in approach?  Would this type of phased-in approach work for your current employer?

3.    Would you like to continue doing the work you do now if you could change your hours or your responsibilities?

4.    Are you ready for a change?  Is there a career option you have always wanted to explore?  If so, what will this require in new skills or training?  Do you want to dedicate the time and resources to acquiring these new skills?

Question 2:  Will I stay in my current location or will I move?

Review your likes and dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses from Step 1 - Reflect.  Do any of your likes or strengths require that you reside in a specific location?  List potential locations - areas where you may move.  For each location, determine the reason for living there (i.e.; what need will be satisfied in this location?), any negative implications to living there, and then what you will do if it doesn't work out.

Question 3:  What will I do with my increased leisure time?

Once again, review your list of likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses from Step 1 - Reflect.  What types of leisure activities will satisfy your likes and skills? Consider each of the types of leisure activities listed below.

  • Hobbies
  • Sports and/or Physical activities
  • Solitary activities
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Community involvement
  • Volunteer work
  • Business venture/opportunity
  • Travel
  • Other

Question 4: How will my decisions affect those closest to me?

Identify those with whom you will need to share your plans.

Remember no matter how you answer these '4 Big Questions', you will need to ensure your nearest and dearest are on board.




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