Getting Ready to Reinvent

An Interactive Seminar for Business Leaders

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Getting Ready to Reinvent is a three-hour interactive seminar to help you plan for the next stage of your life.  It is an opportunity for you, a business leader, to work with other like-minded business leaders on creating a plan to take you to the next level - turn your passion into another time of your life.  

Participation in this seminar will

  • provide you with a process to reinvent yourself and plan for the next stage of your life
  • provide time for you to share experiences and best practices with other business leaders on how to transition to the next stage of your life
  • provide you with connections to help you with your reinvention or retirement plans.

You will receive

  1. Getting Ready to Reinvent lifestyle planning process and guide
  2. A financial inventory checklist
  3. Examples of business leaders who have successfully reinvented themselves
  4. An opportunity to network with local business leaders.

Wednesday, March 26th from 7:30 to 11:00 a.m. at Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington

$190 includes continental breakfast.

View the brochure and seminar leader biographies here.

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