Start the New Year Right.

As we start a new calendar year it is usually the time that most businesses also start a new fiscal year (assuming they run their business on the calendar year).

Accordingly, in the same way that we all seek to establish our personal goals for 2013 it is the most appropriate time to do the same for your business. In business the difference is that there are many formats for doing planning: Budget, Marketing Plan, Strategic Plan to just name a  few. Regardless of which one you do, there is a fundamental aspect of each of them that is critical to the success of your business.

They all attempt to get you to think about the future, whether for one year or longer about where is your business going and what are you going to do to take it there.

The critical component is to THINK about your business and initiate action for improvement or change rather than just maintaining your business and probably watch the  competition pass you by.

So the key message is to take action that changes your business.

Larry Cooper, financial expert, can be reached through email at

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