Clash of the Cohorts - and the Leader Who Taught Them How to Work in Harmony - Serialized Story Coming Soon!

A serialized story of the workplace - Coming Soon!


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, the silent generation worked.  They did not have computers or the internet or social media so they communicated with each other either by telephone or face to face.  As time passed, they grew to be called the Silent generation.

Eventually, some of them developed a new form of communication.  They now could get more outside information by tuning into their television.  As their children grew, the breadth of information they received from the television and radio expanded considerably and this next generation became more knowledgeable about events taking shape in the wider world.  This generation started to participate in activities and events beyond their immediate environment.

Then the most significant communication vehicle of all time was developed and the computer entered the world of the Silent generation and their children.  The great and powerful Big Blue rolled out the mainframe and hired lots of the Silent generation’s children to take this mainframe computer out into the wider world.  This generation became known as the Big Blues. 

Unfortunately for the great and powerful Big Blue, this generation and their children started working on alternatives to the cumbersome mainframe – they just took up too much room – and the personal computer was born.  This PC took over the world of the Big Blue mainframe and soon, created a world for the next generation, where they could connect their personal computers to other personal computers and these WANs became the leaders of communication.

But as was to be expected, the dominance of the WANs was not to last.  Ongoing creative actions taken by members of their own group resulted in smaller and smaller computer applications and the Mobilists were born.  The Mobilists became the ultimate communicators, able to connect with others both within, and without, their world using mobile hand held computers.  They could walk and talk!

While all these changes were taking place, members of each of these generations were entering the workforce and soon there were four of these generations working in the same workplaces.

And this created a challenge for all of them. 

Each generation tended to look at their world of work differently from the other generations.  They began to act as cohorts – taking decisions and actions differently.

This caused conflict.

There was conflict every day – because the four cohorts didn’t understand or appreciate the knowledge and skills of the others.  There were daily clashes – most often between the Big Blues and the Mobilists.  Being two workplace generations apart, and the largest groups in the workplace, they constantly clashed over company direction and goals, career development opportunities and, communication techniques.  And their clashes created havoc for the Silents and the WANs, both much smaller groups in the workplace.  Sometimes these two cohorts were invisible.

The following is a story of one member of the Big Blues who purchased a company staffed by members of each of the four cohorts.  Her challenge is to grow the business but she needs the clashes to stop and get every member of her staff focused on productivity and performance.  This is a story of how this new business owner found a way to get them to work in HARMONY.

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