January 2012

Matching Technology Needs to Business Strategy - Part 2

This is the second in a 3-part series to help small to mid-sized (SMB) business owners to match the best technology solution to their business strategy.

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Matching Technology Needs to Business Strategy - Part 1

This is the first in a 3-part series to guide small and mid-sized business owners on the best technology solution match to their business strategy.

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Trends for 2012 - BM2B ENews

BM2B ENews is a monthly newsletter with tips, techniques, ideas and solutions for small to mid-sized business owners and managers to help them grow their businesses.

10 Steps to Increase Your Sales

I am sure everyone is familiar with the concept of the 30 second elevator pitch, but here is an update; you don’t need the elevator.

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Get Ready for the New Year

Is your business plan and budget updated for 2012?

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The Small Business of Training

Providing training to your employees, to enhance their skills, can be cost prohibitive for small business owners. Finding the dollars and the time to get this implemented is a ongoing challenge. This article lays out options available to ensure you invest in training and keep your employees competent.

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If You have to Enter A Trade Show, Here’s 12 Ways to Get the Most For Your Money

Many companies enter trade shows year after year as if by rote with little or any forethought as to what they want to communicate, project or achieve. Because they don’t give their decision the critical assessment it demands and because they fail to establish measurable business objectives, I would venture to say, based on my own experience, that as many as 90% of Trade Show expenditures are wasted money. I find most companies with whom I have worked give soft responses as to their reason for participation; such as we participate in order to showcase our products or services, talk to potential customers, increase sales. Not good enough. Be specific. Make it measurable.

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