March 2013

Does the Generational Membership of the Hiring Manager Matter?

When we are job hunting, it is wise to find out as much as possible about the hiring manager, including the generational cohort to which they belong.

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OMG - How Do I Connect with My Boomer Manager?

We continually hear how Generation Y wants the management jobs long before they are ready and the manner of entitlement they display. We hear about their lack of judgement and poor team skills and their fascination with using social media for personal connections while at work. But when we look back at the boomer generation, we should be reminded that the 'me' generation had ego issues as well. Boomers have been described as competitive, individualistic, and focused on themselves and their results. They define themselves by their job. Are the two generations really so different? Why are they struggling to get along in the workplace and what can Generation Y do to engage with their boomer managers?

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