August 2011

The Boomer Generation of Leaders

As the boomer generation begins its exodus from the workplace, we wonder about their legacy for subsequent generations of employees. Baby boomers are credited with launching the internet revolution and the development and growth of mobile technology - significant contributions to business growth through professional and personal access to information, education, and enhanced forms of communication. But they are blamed for the greed and excess which drove the economic collapse of the financial institutions they led prior to 2008 and the subsequent 'Great Depression'. This resulted in the current employment climate, the dearth of full time jobs available to the current entrants to the workplace, Generation Y. As boomers still dominate business leadership roles, it is time to take their measure and focus their attention on re-establishing a solid foundation for business growth for the next group of workers, managers, and leaders. How will tomorrow's business writers and commentators treat their leadership tenure? What will be their legacy?

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