January 2011

The Changing Employment Landscape: Contract Employees for Hire

We submit every job seeker, whether in transition, soon to be in transition, or looking for new opportunities, consider reinventing their future as an contract employee of hire. To do this requires rethinking your current employment model and recognizing the labour force trend which is quickly gaining speed - growth in part time employment surpassing growth in full time employment.

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Contract Employee for Hire: CLAIM™ Your Future – Step 4

Transitioning from full time to contract employment requires you to know: 1) what you really want to do and; 2) how to finance this need. If all you do is conduct the standard job hunt - using the same process you used for full time job hunting for contract position hunting, nothing will significantly change for you. Now is the time to innovate and initiate a new process, one where you develop a contract employee position profile and the type of compensation structure you will need to support that profile. This is your new employment plan.

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Contract Employee for Hire: CLAIM™ Your Future – Step 3

The shift from full time employment with one employer to full time employment with several employers requires a detailed review of your CV but it also requires a detailed review of your personal brand - your specific expertise, your passion. Since your work life consumes a considerable amount of your day, you must appreciate its' affect on your personal situation and what affect your personal situation has on your work life. To transition to contract work effectively, your assessment should include this personal side.

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