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What we do

At Boomer Match to Business, we match a company’s short-term business needs to someone with senior level business expertise. Many boomers want to continue working after retirement and they provide an excellent resource for companies seeking specific short-term business solutions and expertise, including mentoring for their junior management employees.

We are a unique matching service, linking management skills in select disciplines to short-term business needs. We work with a network of associates (the Boomer) to facilitate customized business solutions for our clients (the Business). We are not an executive recruiting firm. Our focus is on linking people with senior level experience to businesses with short-term needs.

Boomer Match to Business is a division of The Capability Corps Inc., an independent consulting firm providing business expertise, transforming strategy into results. The business is based in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area of Ontario, Canada.


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Products and Presentations

tl_files/content-docs/Presentation.png        We are skilled researchers, facilitators and speakers.  Our presentations and workshops highlight research and experience working with the intergenerational and leadership challenges created by the demographic composition of today's workforce.  

We have presentation and research material in the following areas:

  • managing four generations in the workplace
  • developing the next generation of leaders
  • how to integrate both Boomer and Generation Y needs
  • tips for Generation Y on how to attract interest of Boomer hiring managers
  • recognition and reward tips for different generations
  • how to attract volunteers to your organization

...and more.

All of our presentations - slide shows, infographics, white papers - are available on:

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Meet the Chief Boomer Experts

Donna Stevenson

Donna, creator of Boomer Match to Business and President of The Capability Corps Inc., has held senior corporate leadership roles – operations, business transformation, human resources, and communications - in several Canadian organizations. Read more...


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